The audiovisual project ART AS SCIENCE will present, in its first season, a set of interviews with artists from different countries who work intertwining theory and practice and who have created theories, concepts or terminologies, based on the conjunction of reflection and its artistic practice. The intention is to dialogue about the crucial and specific role that the different artistic discourses play in the permanent personal and collective formation, in cooperation, but not subordination, with other fields of knowledge.

According to the concept of radical dramaturgy, developed by Viviane Juguero, in her doctorate (UFRGS, 2019), artistic discourses, due to their affective-pluriperceptive character, constitute an essential part in determining the cultural roots that generate ways of moving and reflecting that lead to choices of action, under the possibilities of the different contexts. In this system, just as there are artistic objects that make reflection possible, by revealing social contradictions, so many others naturalize the status quo and promote hegemonic thinking.

It is not for nothing that authoritarian leaders, from different times and territories, fight for the mastery of the tools of cultural expression. It is also not without concrete reason that democratic societies recognize access to cultural diversity as a priority for social development. It is undeniable that artistic manifestations have always been essential to cultural transformations and social revolutions. Paradoxically, artistic production is often considered superfluous in speeches that aim to diminish or hide the indispensable role it plays in subjective and social structuring. This political position is based, on the one hand, on evident interests in maintaining socio-cultural subordination and, on the other, in ignorance about the determinant and irreplaceable character of artistic creations in social transformation. Amid the false truths propagated, another fallacious aspect is the way that public funding for art is considered as futile expenses and not as what they are: investments that return great financial benefits to the country. In Brazil, the economy of culture generates jobs and income for several sectors, directly and indirectly, being responsible for approximately 2.7% of the country's GDP.

In the course of the pandemic, there is an enormous consumption of cultural production, necessary both for aesthetic enjoyment and for the maintenance of mental health. Paradoxically, in Brazil, the sector of cultural production has been widely neglected concerning emergency political-cultural measures for the field, with honorable exceptions.

Access to heteroscientific knowledge about the broad and diverse artistic area is of fundamental importance for the development of awareness about the essential and irreplaceable role of art in the complex social composition. For this reason, the ART AS SCIENCE project brings art professionals from different parts of the world to the public, who develop theories, concepts, and terminologies that contribute to the improvement of social awareness on the subject.



Idealization: Viviane Juguero

General coordination: Viviane Juguero and Daniela Israel

Presentation of the programs: Viviane Juguero

Technical coordination: Daniela Israel

Textual Consulting: Richard Serraria

Collaborating team: Bárbara Kastner, Cleiton Echeveste, Daniela Israel, Dione Carlos, Jessé Oliveira, Julio Moracen, Onisajé, Richard Serraria, Viviane Juguero. 

Theme song: A balada certa [The right ballad] (Richard Serraria and Bataclã FC, 2002)


Production: Bactéria Filmes

Production assistant: Éder Rosa

Technical assistant: Henrique Rosa Juguero


CBTIJ - Brazilian Center of Theatre for Children and Youth


Grupo de Trabalho (GT) “O Afro nas Artes Cênicas: performances afro diaspóricas  em uma perspectiva de decolonização” da ABRACE (Associação Brasileira de Artes Cênicas)

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