Meet our team 


Viviane Juguero - Conception and pedagogical coordination


Viviane Juguero is a Master and Ph.D. in Performing Arts (UFRGS), with a doctoral internship at UW-Madison, in the United States (PDSE / CAPES). She is currently an author studied in the BLACK DRAMATURGY course (Itaú Cultural). As a playwright and researcher, she has  created texts and songs for  plays, films, and books, as well as articles, staged or published in Brazil and abroad. Among the productions under development in 2020, there are the telefilm EL JARDÍN DE LA CALLE OCHO (Brazil-Uruguay / ANCINE); the film BACK TO THE GARDEN OF EIGHT STREET (FAC / ANCINE), in addition to the plays BAMBOO BAMBA (dazvinzenz theater, Germany); SONG OF CARNATION AND ROSE (FAC); among other works. Juguero is a member  of the Brazilian Center, the International Association, and the Network of Theater Researchers for Children and Youth (CBTIJ / ASSITEJ / ITYARN).

Daniela Israel - Technical and production coordination


Daniela Israel has Master’s degree and is currently a Ph.D. student in Cultural Processes and Expressions. Graduated in Audiovisual Realization, she is a CAPES-CNPq researcher and she studies the relationship between the audiovisual industry and the imaginary. She was a speaker at TEDx UFRGS (2016) and received the Laureate Recognition Program LATAM Award (2017). In the audiovisual area, she is the director of the documentary "Moda Orgânica" (75 "), and of the animated feature films "The Garden of Eighth Street "(52") and "Back to Garden of Eighth Street" (80 "). She is a partner of Bactéria Filmes and one of the creators of the adult animation series "Família Parafina" (26x26 ").

Cleiton Echeveste - Coordinator of solidary translation and member of the consulting board


Graduated in Performing Arts (UFRGS), since 1987 he is committed to theater, as an actor, playwright, director and producer. In 2002, he settled in Rio de Janeiro, where he created Pandorga Cia. De Teatro,dedicated to Theater for Young Audiences. Winner of national dramaturgy awards: at the 40th National Theater Festival of Ponta Grossa/PR, for “Cabeça de Vento”, and at the 10th Zilka Sallaberry Children's Theater Award, for “Juvenal, Pita and Velocípede”, both published by Giostri Ed. (SP). In 2019, “Cabeza de Viento” was published in Spanish, by Editorial Norma, in Lima, Peru, where he carries out artistic projects at the Casa da Literatura Peruana and at the Centro Cultural Brasil-Peru. Since 2007, he has been a member of the the International Association and the Brazilian Center of Theater for Young Audiences (ASSITEJ/CBTIJ), where he is currently chair of the Board of Directors.



Consulting board

Julio Moracen Naranjo


Julio Moracen Naranjo holds a Bachelor's Degree in Performing  Arts from the High Institute of Arts (1996), a doctorate from PROLAM-USP, University of São Paulo (2004) and a postdoctoral degree from the Université de Perpignan Via Domitia (2014-2015), with a specialization in Anthropology at the University of Havana as well as Ethnology and Ethnoanthropology at Universitá Degli Studi Sapienza, Rome. He is currently a professor of Intangible Cultural Heritage at the Federal University of São Paulo, UNIFESP - Campus Guarulhos (SP), and an associate researcher at the Centro de Teatro y Danza de la Habana. He has experience in the field of Anthropology and Theater, with an emphasis on Intangible Cultural Heritage, acting mainly on the following themes: black theater, History of theater in Afro-America and the Caribbean, black performance, theater anthropology, and intangible cultural heritage.

Kathy A. Perkins


is a lighting designer and scholar of Africa and African Diaspora Theatre. She is the editor of the anthologies "Black Female Playwrights: An Anthology of Plays before 1950"; "Black South African Women: An Anthology of Plays"; "African Women Playwrights"; and "Alice Childress: Selected Plays;” co-editor "Contemporary Plays by Women of Color" and "Strange Fruit: Plays on Lynching by American Women." She was a senior editor for "The Routledge Companion to African American Theatre and Performance." A recipient of numerous awards as both designer and scholar, her work has taken her to over 40 countries. Kathy is Professor Emerita at University of Illinois and the University of North Carolina.

Dione Carlos


Dione Carlos is a Brazilian playwright, in charge of the production of fifteen plays performed in Brazil (including Sete, Bonita, Kaim, Revoltar, Iyalodês and Black Brecht - What if Brecht was Black?), and read in Europe. Playwriting professor at the "Escola Livre de Teatro de Santo André" and art educator at the "Fábricas de Cultura" responsible for the social project "Espetáculo" located in the Brasilândia neighborhood. She had four books published: Dramaturgias do Front; Dramaturgia Negra. Maratona de Dramaturgia; Tempos Impuros. Represented Brazil in the worldwide event of celebration of the International Day of the Portuguese Language hosted at Greece in May 2019. Held a lecture at the Acropolis Museum in Athens. Studied journalism in the Metodista University of São Paulo.

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Eugênio Lima


Dj, Actor-Mc, Researcher of diasporic culture, Founding Member of the Bartolomeu Testimonial Center, and of the February 3rd Front. He is the Director of the Legitimate Defense Collective as well as Winner of the Coca Cola/FEMSA 2004 award for Best Music, the Shell Award for Best Music in 2006, and the 2014 State Governor Award. As a curator, he has extensive experience in several areas, with emphasis on: “Self-Defense - Poetic Policies in Search of Landing - Poetic and Political Elaboration of the Blackness Image (São Paulo, 2017); Cycle of International Debates “Discourses on the Unspoken” (MITsp-Mostra Internacional de São Paulo, 2017; 2016); Reflective Axis of the Abdias Nascimento Occupation - Cartography and Performative Conferences (São Paulo, 2016); “Sounding City Festival” (FUNARTE / SP, 2012). 

Barbara Kastner

Barbara Kastner is a dramaturg, administrator, and theater producer. She has a Master's Degree in Theater Science, TV and Cinema, from Freie Universität in Berlin, and Communication Science from Technische Universität, also in Berlin, Germany. In Brazil, Kastner studied a semester of Performing Arts and Brazilian History at UNICAMP, in addition to having worked with the Theater of the Oppressed Center, in Rio de Janeiro, in 2001. She worked in several theaters in Germany and abroad. She was a member of the Performing Arts Department at the University of Hildesheim and the Humboldt University in Berlin. She is a dramaturg and administrator of the Dasvinzenz Theater in Munich.

Jessé Oliveira - Colaborador do Conselho Consultivo



Jessé Oliveira is the founder and director of the Caixa-Preta Group, a pioneer group in the development of contemporary black theater in the Rio Grande do Sul. He has directed more than 40 theater, dance, and music shows, presented throughout Brazil and Latin America. He directed the play “Das Pferd des Heiligen” in Germany. In 2007, he received the Florêncio Award for Best Spectacle, by the Uruguayan Critics Association, for the work “Hamlet Sincrético.” He is currently a master's student in the Postgraduate Program in Performing Arts at UFRGS and director of the State Institute of Performing Arts of the Secretary of Culture of the State Government of Rio Grande do Sul.

Richard Serraria


Richard Serraria is the author of the concept of "drumliture." He is a Brazilian poet and songwriter. Researcher of the black culture of the southern cone of South America, he has worked with the Sopapo drum for 25 years. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Brazilian Literature at UFRGS, he works with the bands Bataclã FC and Alabê Oni, in addition to solo shows based on "intervocalities", body performances, and "griotism." He has eight released discs and two DVDs. He performed in Cuba, Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, and one hundred and twenty cities in all states of Brazil through the Sesc Sonora Brasil  Project, in 2013/2014.

Elisa Lucas


Elisa Lucas is an actor, researcher, playwright, theatrical workshop leader and director. PhD and Master in Performing Sciences (University of Seville). Bachelor of Performing Arts (UFRGS). Based on the research "The actorial dramaturgical creation process", she developed and staged the texts "Confesso que Capitu" (2004), "Histórias de uma Mala Só" (2009 - Tibicuera Award for Best Actress), "Christmas Charms" (2012) and "A Dama dos Evangelhos" (2014), developed with the support  of Iberescena). Founder of Capitu Group, director of Performing Arts and researcher at the Institute of Arts of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, where she develops the research "Body and vocal practices to enhance the scenic presence from the Actorial dramaturgical creation process". Integrates the collective "As Dramaturga" (RS) and the FURG's group "Contemporary Dramaturgies: Paths between Adaptation, Gender, History and Imaginary".

Rui Pina Coelho


Rui Pina Coelho (Évora, 1975) is an Assistant Professor at the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon, Director of the Centre for Theatre Studies (FLUL) and Director of Sinais de Cena – Performing Arts and Theatre Studies Journal. Since 2010, he has been collaborating regularly with TEP - Teatro Experimental do Porto as a playwright and dramaturgist.

Micheli Afonso 

Spain - Brazil

Micheli Afonso is a photographer and Conservator-Restorer of cultural heritage. PhD student in Social Memory and Cultural Heritage / UFPel / BRAZIL and in Art and cultural heritage/US/ESP. She has being a visiting Scholar (CAPES) at the University of Sevilla / Spain and a substitute professor of the course on Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property at the Federal University of Pelotas / RS between  2015 and  2017. Master in Social Memory and Cultural Heritage and a Bachelor in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property / UFPel. Degree in Visual Arts from the Federal University of Pelotas - UFPel. She completed her curricular internship in the Conservation and Restoration course at the Soares dos Reis National Museum - Porto / Portugal. She studied two semesters at the Portuguese Catholic University - Porto, in the Conservation and Restoration Degree Course. Ibermuseums Consultant.

Paulo Merisio


PhD in Theatre, Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro/UNIRIO, 2005; Associate Professor of Theater in the Graduate and Postgraduate Programs in Performing Arts (PPGAC) and Theatre Education at UNIRIO (Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro). Trained actor by the Escola de Teatro Martins Penna, 1993. Scholarship holder of Productivity in Research from CNPq - PQ 2. He carried out his post-doctoral research at Université de Paris Ouest/Nanterre (2014). He coordinates the Group of Studies and Research in Processes of Creation in the Theater for Children and Youth (CNPq). Since 2002 he has been the director of a group from Uberlândia called "Trupe de Truões", that won several awards at national festivals and participated in 2013 in the SESC Circuit/Palco Giratório Event. He is also Member of the Board of CBTIJ (since 2010) and ITYARN (since 2018).

Licko Turle


Licko Turle is an actor, director, professor, and researcher. He was a visiting professor at the Graduate Program in Performing Arts (PPGAC) of the Theater College at the Federal University of Bahia - UFBA (2017-2018-2019). He was also a resident professor at the PPGAC of the Theater College a Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2011-2016). In 1986, he created, with Augusto Boal, the Theater Center of the Oppressed in Rio de Janeiro; and, with Amir Haddad, in 1999, the “Tá Na Rua” Institute for the Arts, Education, and Citizenship. He was the coordinator of the Black Forum of Performing Arts at UFBA (2018-2019). He co-directed the show “Black Skin, White Masks” at the UFBA Theater Company. He is a member of the Brazilian Association of Research and Graduate Studies in Performing Arts, the Brazilian Street Theater Network, and the Study Group on Theater of the Oppressed.

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